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Fast Building Contracting

Company is one of the leading companies in the field of building & contracting in the United Arab Emirates. Introduced in 1982, Fast primarily dealt with building maintenance, technical works, and decorations. In due time, the company grew, expanded, and is now considered as Fast Building Contracting Group first-class graded companies in the fields of general contracting, Electromechanical, Woodworks, and Aluminum Works.

Fast Building Contracting has been a part of multiple large governmental projects such as;

(Al-Qasbaa Canal Building, Flag Island, Africa Hall, Al-Dhaid Police Complex, Repton School -Dubai, Resistance Monument-Khorfakkan, Department of Culture, Al-Bait Hotel, Al-Madam Cultural & Sports Club, Al-Batayih Cultural & Sports Club, Livestock, Al-Qasmya University, Sharjah University -Khorfakkan). The company has received multitude of awards due to the company’s unparalleled speed in performance, accuracy in implementation, and continued dedication towards providing a secure and safe environment to all its workers. In addition, the company possesses highly qualified technical and administrative personnel that further contributes to the company’s quality of work that goes beyond the satisfaction of all our valued customers

* Fast Building : Fast Building Contracting Company is the parent company of the Fast Group of Companies which are at the forefront of building construction project management, 

comprehensive planning, and procurement in the industry.

* Fast Building Maintenance : Fast Building Maintenance Company is responsible for ensuring that buildings and infrastructure are kept in good working order.

 We provide a wide range of services, including regular inspections, repairs and preventative maintenance to keep buildings and equipment running smoothly. 

Our services include maintenance of HVAC systems, electrical systems, plumbing, and appliances. We assist our clients in planning and budgeting for future repairs and replacements,  and offer energy-saving solutions to reduce operating costs.

* Fast Gulf : Fast Gulf Contracting Company

 is a subsidiary of Fast Building Company, operating in the emirates of Dubai.

* Fast Carpentry & Aluminum Works :  Fast Carpentry & Aluminum Works offers a wide range of services  in the carpentry and aluminum sectors of construction, glass and steel. 

This includes the creation and installation of wooden structures and fixtures, such as framing, flooring, cabinetry, and millwork. The company also specializes in the manufacturing,  installation, and maintenance of aluminum structures, such as doors, windows, and curtain walls. In addition, the company provides glass works services,  which include the installation of glass in various forms, such as windows, partitions, and skylights.

* Fast MEP : Fast MEP is an electromechanical company which specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems in buildings and infrastructure projects. 

This includes everything from lighting and power systems to heating, ventilation, plumbing works, firefighting and fire alarm systems and equipment, and air conditioning. 

* Fast Roadworks & Infrastructure :  Fast Roadworks & Infrastructure specializes in the use of advanced planning, construction control and accountability procedures to deliver high-quality  projects in the roadworks and infrastructure sector.  We provide services that include grading works, hard and soft landscaping,  stormwater and sewage systems, and the installation of electrical, water, gas, and telephone lines. In addition to new construction, we also work on maintaining, upgrading, and expanding 

existing infrastructure to ensure safety and to meet the evolving needs of the community.

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